www.BritishNavalHistory.com Relaunching as www.GlobalMaritimeHistory.com

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November 20, 2017
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Atlantic History / Studies, Canadian History / Studies, Maritime History / Studies, Digital Humanities

Maritime History, Broadly Conceived

This website was launched by Justin Reay and Samuel McLean in September 2013 as BritishNavalHistory.com, and November 2017, it is rebranding as GlobalMaritimeHistory.com. The purpose of this website is to offer maritime historians of all levels and interests a source of information, a route to reach a wide audience for their written work, and a place for congenial discussion. Since its launch, this site has published not just naval history but maritime history of all kinds. Rebranding the site serves to reinforce this intention.

So what exactly does “Maritime History, Broadly Conceived” mean? It means that this site aims to be as inclusive as possible. ‘Maritime’ relates to ships, ports, voyaging, littoral environments, maritime art, maritime literature, or even maritime-adjacent topics. Likewise, ‘History’ relates anything that studies the past, regardless of discipline. In addition, this website will also publish discussions of methodology and process.

This website is committed to providing a publication forum for individuals that are traditionally underrepresented in publications and to improving the diversity of voices that contribute to academic discussions.

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