Call for papers: Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism Virtual Conference (17th-18th March 2022).

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Call for Papers
December 1, 2021
United Kingdom
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Animal Studies, Humanities, Geography, Cultural History / Studies, Contemporary History


Call for papers: Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism Virtual Conference (17th-18th March 2022).


While the study of animal-human connectivity within the context of tourism is being explored in a greater diversity of ways within the last decade, the discourse is still divided within two camps: 1) traditional tourism academia and 2) outside disciplines “looking in.” Tourism academics have borrowed philosophical, ethical, gender studies, sociological, ecological conservation, and economic lenses to explore animals in tourism, however truly transdisciplinary approaches within and external to tourism proper remains few. The aim of this conference is to strengthen the bridge between “tourism academia” and “non-tourism academia” by highlighting and celebrating fresh perspectives within and external to tourism, and those who bridge the two.


It is our vision that through the launch of the Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism Conference 2022, a vibrant transdisciplinary community will emerge to advocate for animals enrolled within varying contexts within the tourism industry. Currently, a proposal is in progress for a book dedicated to emergent scholars whose work engages with animal advocacy within tourism. Therefore, it is hoped that those who partake in the conference outlined above will also have the opportunity to disseminate their research further through inclusion of their work in this proposed book.


As such, we invite 15-minute papers (to be presented live via zoom) and 5 minute (pre-recorded) lightening talks which explore the experiences of animals who appear in the following tourism contexts:


  • food tourism
  • art
  • passive entertainment
  • active entertainment
  • transportation and recreation
  • educational tourism
  • sport and racing
  • animals as photo props
  • liminal animals at tourist sites
  • volunteer tourism (sanctuaries, wildlife reserves and zoos)


We are particularly interested in highlighting emergent transdisciplinary methodologies including, but not limited to: multi-species, multi-sited, and virtual ethnographies, embodied empathy, and works which blend theoretical and applied approaches from the biological and social sciences with those of the arts and animal advocacy. Overall, it is our aim that our conference will be grounded in progressive and innovative praxis where ongoing collaborations can be formed through the sharing of emergent voices in academia, advocacy, and industry.

To apply, please submit a 250-300 word abstract and 100 word author bio by December 1st 2021 using the online form here:

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