Call For Papers PPP/RRR: Pier Paolo Pasolini/ Riprese Reprises Retakes

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Call for Papers
December 15, 2021
Quebec, Canada
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Film and Film History, Italian History / Studies, Race / Ethnic Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, Sexuality Studies


Call For Papers

PPP/RRR: Pier Paolo Pasolini/ Riprese Reprises Retakes

Montréal and/et Ottawa, March 17-18-19, 2022

Submission deadline: December 15, 2022

Email: and


In 1966 Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ninetto Davoli traveled to Montreal to present their new film Uccellacci e uccellini, as part of a longer North American tour. Commemorating that visit we have some interviews on local papers, and this photograph, now held in the archive of the Cinémathèque québécoise. Since 2022 marks the hundred years anniversary of Pasolini’s birth, we would like to bring Pasolini back to Montreal. With this in mind, Concordia University, Université du Québec à Montréal, and St. Paul University in Ottawa joined forces to organize a series of screenings and presentations that will culminate in a 3-day conference: March 17-18 in Montréal and March 19 in Ottawa.



This call for papers invites proposals from scholars, critics, activists, and artists interested in investigating the afterlives of Pasolini’s life and work. It asks participants to reflect on Pasolini’s legacy and its influence on a new generation of artists, scholars, critics and audiences, on the impact of his archive on film and media scholarship; on reappropriations and misappropriations of his work by different cultural groups, from new queer communities to conservative movements. We are also interested in explorations of Pasolini’s own unfinished projects, such as, among others, his scripts, his novel Petrolio, his translations and adaptations.

Playing on the richness of Montreal and Ottawa linguistic heritage, we ask the participants to reflect on three keywords: Ripresa, in Italian means both “recovery” or “restart” as well as a “film shoot”; Reprise in French means resumption, revival, restart; and in English, Retake which means to shoot a scene one more time. This constellation of alliterative meanings will allow us to explore the global and transcultural reverberations of his multimedia oeuvre and open up questions of its futurities. We welcome submissions in French and English. Please send your proposal (250 words max) and a short bio (100 words) to: and

Topics may include but are not limited to:

*Pasolini’s legacy in contemporary culture

*Works influenced, inspired, affected by Pasolini in all artistic practices

*Pasolini’s unfinished or incomplete projects in film and literature

*Appropriations of Pasolini’s life and work in the public sphere, including detournements

*Queering Pasolini- reframing of Pasolini’s life, work and politics in the age of new sexualities

*Pasolini’s perspective on the “Third World” and its impact on post-colonial and decolonial approaches

* The actuality of Pasolini’s reflection on the archaïc dimension of the religiosity

*Pasolini’s Archives: Real and imaginary afterlives of Pasolini’s archival material

* Pasolini’s understanding of media


Organizing Committee:

Caroline Bem, Université Saint-Paul, Ottawa

Luca Caminati, Concordia University, Montreal

Silvestra Mariniello, Université de Montréal

Rosanna Maule, Concordia University, Montreal

Viva Paci, Université du Québec à Montréal

Julie Paquette, Université Saint-Paul, Ottawa