Confronting Antisemitism: Activating Archives, Libraries, Museums, and Cultural Institutions in the Fight Against Antisemitism

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October 17, 2021
New York, United States
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Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, Jewish History / Studies, Library and Information Science, Race / Ethnic Studies, American History / Studies

Live on Zoom, Confronting Antisemitism’s unprecedented, public, international gathering of cultural leaders, scholars, and experts will offer cutting-edge analysis and strategies; identify a landscape of possible initiatives and actions; and galvanize the community. Distinguished speakers’ insights and experiences will catalyze cultural institutions to take a new, crucial role in empowering members of the public to confront antisemitism and, ultimately, to achieve new understanding.

As trusted public institutions with diverse audiences, how can archives, libraries, museums, and cultural institutions use their unique strengths to combat antisemitism and create lasting change? This critical question will be at the core of the Confronting Antisemitism symposium.

Symposium topics range from museum perspectives on modern-day antisemitism, Holocaust denial and revisionism in public institutions to examining the sources of antisemitism and the dangers it poses to a free society. More than 20 experts from universities, archives, libraries, and museums around the world will participate in the symposium and help encourage a global conversation about the impact and lasting relevance of antisemitism.

Convened and presented by the Center for Jewish History and jMUSE with the generous support of David Berg Foundation and Leon Levy Foundation.

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