10th Soas Palestine Society Annual Conference

Sharri Plonski Announcement
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Dear Friends,


Please find below the information and timetable of the upcoming 10th Annual Conference of the SOAS Palestine Society Conference. We would like to invite you all to join us for two days of discussion and debate on the political realities of contemporary Israeli Society. Finally, we would also like to encourage you all to book your tickets in advance at: http://soasunion.org/ents/event/552/


In Solidarity,


The Conference Organising Team





10th Annual Conference

Brunei Lecture Theatre SOAS

17-18 October 2015


Organised by the SOAS Palestine Society

Hosted by the Centre of Palestine Studies, LMEI, SOAS


With the Support of Al-Araby Al-Jadeed


Book at: http://soasunion.org/ents/event/552/



The Settlers and Citizens conference aims to highlight the continuities in Israeli politics both between different segments of Israeli society as well as between different epochs of the state’s existence. By focusing on specific political behaviours and trends, we hope to uncover longer term, more fundamental logics, which are based on the settler colonial nature of the state. The conference will discuss Israel’s relationship with different actors – Palestinian citizens, religious groups, non-Ashkenazi Jews, and non-Jewish residents; academics and Journalists; the so-called Diaspora and Jewish organisations in the West – in order to understand Israeli politics as a totality rather than a collection of discreet actions and events.



DAY I - Saturday 17th October


Registration: 9:00-9:30


9:30 Welcome and opening remarks

Dr Adam Hanieh



The Israeli Settler State: Zionism Between Triumph and Defeat

Prof. Nadim Rouhana



10:45-12:15 Panel one: Production of Knowledge

Chair: Sai Englert


Palestinian Education in the Israeli Settler State: Divide, Rule and Control

Prof Ismael Abu Saad


The Politics of Journalism in Contemporary Israel

Noam Sheizaf


Beyond Mere Veneer: Zionism and Neoliberalism in Israeli Academia

Dr Hilla Dayan  


Lunch: 12:15-13:15


13:15-15:15 Panel two: Law and Legal Realities

Chair: Dr Brenna Bhandar  


The Legal Structures of Subordination

Dr Nimer Sultany


The Israeli Supreme Court

Jamil Dakwar


Customizing Extreme Violence: A Critical Assessment of Israel’s War Record in Gaza

Prof Lisa Hajjar


Myths and Misconceptions about the Israeli Legal System - through the lens of Bedouin displacement policies in the Naqab

Suhad Bishara


15:30-17:30 Panel three: Mapping the Israeli landscape

Chair: Dr Sharri Plonski


Land and Labor: Logics and Trajectories

Prof Zachary Lockman


The "Arab Village": Politics of Land, [Counter]Representation and Identity

Prof Haim Yacobi


Politics of Pleasure within the Politics of Violence: Affect and Agency of Zionist Settler Women

Akanksha Mehta


The Zionist Left, Settler-Colonial practices and the Nakba in Marj Ibn 'Amer, 1936-1956

Dr. Areej Sabbagh-Khoury



Day II - Sunday 18th October

10:00 – 11:30 Panel four: Material Realities on the Ground: part I

Chair: Dr Hagar Kotef


The Night Watchman Becomes a Mercenary

Dr Shir Hever


The Political Economy of Israeli Defense: Homeland Security and High-Tech Industry

Dr Mtanes Shehadeh


What is Left of the Israeli Left?

Prof Ilan Pappe



11:45-13:15 Panel five: Materialist Realities on the Ground: Part II

Chair: Adam Hanieh


Race, Demography, and Settler Colonialism in Israel

Dr Mazen Masri


Enlightened Racism: How the Israeli Left's Gate Keepers Keep the Mizrahim Out

Orly Noy


Zionism’s Anti-African Front

David Sheen



13:30-14:30 LUNCH


14:45-16:00 Panel six: The Jewish State & its ‘Diaspora’ (A Dialogue)

Chair: Dr Ruba Salih


Audience, Partner, and Alibi: Israel and Western Jewish Organizations

Dan Freeman Maloy


The Israeli Emigration Anxiety: Israel’s Conflictual Relationship with the Israeli-Jewish Diaspora

Hila Amit



16:15-17:30 Roundtable and Closing remarks


For more detailed information about the conference please visit the SOAS student’s union website: http://soasunion.org/ents/event/552/




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For more detailed information about the conference please visit the SOAS student’s union website: http://soasunion.org/ents/event/552/

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