From the representation of estates to the representation of the nation: The state of the art

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November 4, 2021 to November 5, 2021
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Political History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Political Science

Thursday afternoon 4 November

10.00 UTC/ 11.00 CET/ 12.00 EET

Seventeeth-Century English practices, theories, discourses of political representation

11.10 CET Paul Seaward (History of Parliament, London), Representation and Personation in pre-Civil War English politics

11.40 CET Markku Peltonen (Helsinki), Democracy and representation in English Revolution

12.10 CET Mark Knights (Warwick), Formal and informal representation in the later Stuart period, 1660-1720

12.40 CET General Discussion

13.00 CET Break

Eighteenth-Century British practices, theories and practices of political representation

13.30 CET Max Skjönsberg (Liverpool), Elections and ancient constitutionalism in Britain, 1689 - 1832

14.00 CET Zachris Haaparinne (Jyväskylä), Negotiating representation: The case of mid-eighteenth century British petitions

14.30 CET Joanna Innes (Oxford), Methods of exploring legislative culture and practice in eighteenth and nineteenth-century Britain

15.00 CET General discussion

15.30 CET Break

Early modern versus revolutionary practices, theories and discourses of political representation on the European continent

16.00 CET Tim Neu (Vienna), The transformation of political representation in the German lands from early modern estates to the early modern parliaments

16:30 CET Pablo Sánchez León (Lisbon), Estates, people, nation: changing frameworks of political representation in Spain between the end of the Old Regime and early Liberalism, 1766-1812

17:00 CET Bert Drejer (European University Institute), The concept of political representation in the early modern Dutch Republic

17:30 CET Joris Oddens (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam), Revolutionising representation in the Netherlands around 1800

18:00-18:30 CET General discussion


Friday morning 5 November 2021

Interdisciplinary approaches to the history of political representation since the French Revolution

8.00 UTC / 9.00 CET / 10.00 EET Keynote: John Keane (Sydney (UTC+10) and Wissenschaftszentrum, Berlin), Post-1945 monitory democracy and representation in historical perspective

10:00 CET Break

Instroductions to the subthemes of Academy of Finland Professor Project "Political Representation: Tensions between Parliament and the People from the Age of Revolutions to the 21st Century" see for further information:

10.30 CET Pasi Ihalainen, The project reserch design and the first observations on the British data in relation to previous research

11.00 CET Jani Marjanen, The constitutional moment that happened abroad: Finnish public discourse on European constitutions 1809-1930

11.15 CET Jussi Kurunmäki, Absence of Political Representation: The Case of Finland 1809-1863 in an Interantional Perspective

11.30 CET Hugo Bonin,  Re-evaluating the tensions between democracy and liberalism through parliamentary debates: First steps and the path ahead

11.45 CET General discussion

12.30 CET End of the webinar


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In this webinar, we review discussion on popular sovereignty and representation with experts on 17th, 18th and early 19th-century political thought and parliamentary history. Participation in the webinar is free of charge but you should register at <> to receive a link and passcode.


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