39th American Indian Workshop, "Arrows of Time: Narrating the Past and Present"

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December 15, 2017
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Anthropology, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, History Education, Indigenous Studies, Native American History / Studies

The 39th American Indian Workshop, titled "Arrows of Time: Narrating the Past and Present," will be held in Ghent Belgium, April 10-13, 2018. It is being hosted by Ghent University. The AIW  draws scholars from across the globe, working in diverse disciplines such as history, literature, anthropology, ethnology, art history, gender studies, museology, ethnomusicology, religion, law, linguistics, political science, cultural studies, philosophy, Canadian and American Studies, Native American Studies, Inuit Studies, and performance studies as well as communication and media studies. As such, the AIW provides an important platform for both established academics and young scholars for sharing their expertise, and benefiting form critical engagement. 

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Drs. Thomas Donald Jacobs 
History Department
Ghent University