Call for Book Proposals: Praeger Series in American Political Culture

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Call for Publications
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American History / Studies, Government and Public Service, Intellectual History, Political History / Studies

This series seeks to publish innovative, cutting-edge scholarship on American political culture, political development, and political economy from all regions and historical periods.  The guiding theme is exploring how cultural factors (education, family, community, etc.) and economic change (technological innovation, depression, prosperity, market alterations, etc.) intersect with political methods (elections, strategies, laws, policies, institutions, etc.) to shape human actions throughout American history.  While the series exhibits a theme, it is understood broadly to encourage a wide array of new projects and scholars from many disciplines – history, politics, law, and philosophy, for example – to submit manuscript proposals.  While we welcome diversity in approach to historical topics (biography, institutional history, history of ideas, policy history, and the development of political structures, among others), this series works within the discipline of history and deals with politics from a strictly historical perspective.  Proposals should be directed toward general academic audiences, demonstrate relevance, offer fresh and novel approaches to their subjects, and contribute to the historical understanding of the American political culture and economy.

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