Palestine: New Approaches to the History and Culture of Palestine and its Region

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December 17, 2021 to December 19, 2021
Ontario, Egypt
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Middle East History / Studies, Arabic History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Nationalism History / Studies, Languages

The Palestinian Ministry of Culture announces a forum entitled "New Approaches toward a scientific national narrative for Palestine and its region" to be held in Cairo, Egypt 17-19 Dec 2021, as a preparatory for a series of future conferences intended to produce a whole, cohesive narrative based on extrapolations from discoveries and alternative scholarship, to bolster national consciousness and youth identity, to address claims and counter interpretations, and put an end to short-term or self-colonizing narratives. This forum is a starting point for exchanging views and developing plans among historians, archaeologists, and social science researchers, as much as to produce substantive content. Topics include the following: re-interpreting excavation reports, epigraphic discoveries, antecedents, anthropological studies; ownership of remains in museums; popular language and common customs and heritage; ancient languages, alphabets, connections to present languages; place names and origin of "sacred" places; impediments to developing an alternative narrative, such as traditions and religious thinking); different approaches to various periods from prehistory to the present; means and methods toward a Palestinian historical school; or other related topics chosen by speakers. An abstract of 300-500 words is expected before 10 November 2021, along with a short CV in either Arabic or English to Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered. Those interested only in attending should register by contacting

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Basem Ra'ad (Professor Emeritus, Al-Quds University, Palestine)

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