Cornell University Society for Buddhist Studies Lecture Series - 2021 Fall

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September 24, 2021
New York, United States
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East Asian History / Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology, South Asian History / Studies, Intellectual History

Hi, we're Yuanyuan and MK, the graduate co-chairs of Cornell's SBS (Society for Buddhist Studies). We're exciated to announce SBS's lecture series in Fall 2021: there'll be four virtual events, plus two in-person events to feature graduate students work. It's our great honor to invite Laura Guerrero, Gray Tuttle, Jiang Wu, and James Robson to share their recent research with us. The topics of their talks vary from Buddhist philosophy (abhidharma), Tibetan monastic community's life, to Buddhist canonical culture. The regions they covered include South Asia, Tibet, and East Asia.

The online talks would always be on Friday noon 12pm (EST) and are open to all interested. For more information regarding the lectures, or register for the zoom link, please visit "Talk Series" column on SBS's website: Welcome to join us!


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Cornell University Society for Buddhist Studies is a graduate student led organization founded in 2019 to promote the academic study of Buddhism at Cornell University. We bring faculty, graduates and undergraduates to share our respective approaches to Buddhist Studies. This talk is funded by the GPSA-FC and open to all interested. The Buddhist Studies serial lectures in 2021 fall are presently open co-sponsored by the Departments of Anthropology, Asian Studies and Philosophy, by the East Asia Program and South Asia Program, and by the Society for the Humanities. For accessibility queries, please contact