Reading, Teaching and Collecting Anatomy in Early Modern Europe

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September 29, 2021
Ireland {Republic}
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Early Modern History and Period Studies, Intellectual History, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, European History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies

Edward Worth Library, Dublin

 webinar on

‘Reading, Teaching and Collecting Anatomy in Early Modern Europe’.

Wednesday 29 September 2021.




Professor Vivian Nutton (University College London): ‘Andreas Vesalius, 2010-2020 - New discoveries, new contexts’.

Dr Elizabethanne Boran (Edward Worth Library, Dublin): ‘Reading and teaching anatomy in Early Modern Dublin’.

Ms Evi Numen (Anatomy Museum, Trinity College Dublin): ‘The Anatomy Museum of Trinity College Dublin’.

Professor Stuart McDonald (University of Glasgow), ‘William Hunter’s casts of the gravid uterus at the University of Glasgow’.

Dr Simon Chaplin (Arcadia Fund) : ‘John Hunter as body collector’.

Ms Cat Irving (Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh): ‘Portraits in wax - The anatomical models of Anna Morandi Manzolini’.

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Free webinar but please register by booking by no later than noon on Tuesday 28 September.

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