CFP - Popular Culture Association Annual Conference / Film Area (Seattle, April 13-16; 2022)

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Pennsylvania, United States

The Film Area explores key concepts that structure discussions of film’s relationship to modernism and modernity, the persistence of genres, the nature of film authorship, stars and stardom, screenwriting, transmedia and multimedia adaptations, the implications of the cinematic gaze, as well as legal, aesthetic, and anthropological ramifications of digital images. While we are interested in specific notions related to film studies, we also work at the intersection between history, sexuality, race, religion, and politics to adequately contextualize the visual contents. In addition, we welcome submissions related to industry studies as it pertains to practices, opportunities, and challenges of both business and craft, as well as representation on the page, onscreen, and behind the camera.


Proposals should include an abstract of ca. 2,500 characters, 3-5 updated bibliographic sources, and a brief biography (500 characters). A timeline with conference dates and deadlines is available on the Popular Culture Association website (  


Contact information: Fabrizio Cilento ( and Anna Weinstein ( 

Contact Information

Fabrizio Cilento, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media 
Department of Communication

Academic Coordinator for Cross-Cultural Courses

Messiah University (PA)

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