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Call for Papers
September 1, 2022
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Call for Papers

The team of “Linguistique balkanique” are pleased to announce the forthcoming edition of the thematic volume “Bulgarian Language and Other Balkan Languages” (vol. 61, 2022) dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Institute for Bulgarian Language “Prof. Lyubomir Andreychin” at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. We invite you to submit your original works on yet unexplored aspects of the mutual influence between the Bulgarian language and the other Balkan languages on different levels: phonetic, grammatical, lexical, syntactic, etc.  

About the Journal

 “Linguistique balkanique” is an international peer-reviewed academic journal, organ of the Institute for Bulgarian Language. It was established in 1958. “Linguistique balkanique” publishes original studies concerning a broad variety of issues ranging from theoretical problems of the Balkan “Sprachbund” to specific aspects of the relations among ancient and modern Balkan languages, and the relations of the Balkan languages with other Indo-European and non-Indo-European languages. It is the only periodical with an exclusive focus on Balkan linguistics. “Linguistique balkanique” publishes articles presenting empirical studies concerning different synchronic and diachronic problems of the Balkan languages. Review articles of significant works in the field of Balkan Studies and Indo-European Studies, as well as information on scientific events related to the subject matter of the Journal are also wellcome. “Linguistique balkanique” is a semi-annual periodical (issue 1 – June and issue 2 – December).

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All submissions go through the standard double-blind peer-review process.

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