COLLATERAL: Issues 8 & 9: Wandrers Nachtlied (from Goethe to Brosi and back)

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German History / Studies, Literature, Music and Music History, Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Clusters 8 & 9 of the online journal COLLATERAL focus on Goethe’s poem “Wandrers Nachtlied” and the numerous musical recompositions and remixes it has triggered. The starting point of both issues is the adaptation by the Belgian artistic duo Evelin Brosi & Tijl Moons. What seems to drive our fascination with Goethe’s poem, our theoretical reflections, musical recompositions, remixes and literary revisions (e.g. in concrete poetry), is the troubling antonymic tensions between rest and unrest staged in the poem.

The interdisciplinary double issue includes contributions (in word, sound, image and video) by photographer Michiel De Cleene, literary scholars Tom Chadwick and Dorothee Ostmeier, musicologists and musicians Stephen Rodgers and Jeffrey Stolet, and digital sound design performer and composer Chi Wang.

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