Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in Modern Societies

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Call for Papers
January 15, 2022
Missouri, United States
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Diplomacy and International Relations, Human Rights, Peace History / Studies, Public Policy, Sociology

Call for Papers

Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in Modern Societies

The MU Peace Studies Conference

September 21-22, 2022

University of Missouri (MU)

Columbia, MO


How do we sustain or achieve peace in times of crisis? This question has challenged many people, including scholars, activists, policymakers, and students, who have been working on initiatives to achieve sustainable peace in local, national, and international communities. They have worked diligently to effect harmonious coexistence within environments wracked by racial injustice, endemic poverty, civil unrest, conspiracy theories, antidemocratic trends, and threats to public health and the natural environment.

At the same time, the work of many of these individuals, groups, or entities who have pursued sustainable peace initiatives, such as the harmonious coexistence of women’s rights and religion, politics and equality, and traditional and non-traditional social identities, are rarely in the spotlight, even the most deserving. This conference seeks to uncover these works by bringing together a diverse range of scholars, activists, students, and policymakers from different countries to discuss their anti-conflict work based on quantitative and qualitative research across disciplinary boundaries.

The 2022 Peace Studies Conference at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO, will address the theme of Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in Modern Societies, and we invite submissions for individual papers and panels. Applicants should choose one of the following areas:

  1. Making peace through social enterprise
  2. Indigenous leadership and sustainable peace
  3. Education and peace
  4. Gangs, prisons, and peace
  5. The politics of peacebuilding and peacemaking: locally, nationally, and internationally
  6. Policing and peace
  7. Peace and poverty: community initiatives
  8. Peace and the dynamics of race, ethnicity, religion, class, gender
  9. Cultural diversity, migration, and peace
  10. The international dimension of peace: the fate of the UN’s peacekeeping missions

Papers will be presented in English and should not exceed 20 minutes to allow time for questions and discussion. Please submit abstracts (Microsoft Word) of no more than 250 words each to Mary Dickson-Amagada ( Be sure to include your name, professional or academic rank, institutional affiliation, email address, and telephone number with your application. You may send questions about the conference to D.A. Dunkley ( Abstract deadline is January 15, 2022. Notification of acceptance or denial: March 15, 2022. Covid 19 Notice: We plan to have this conference in person but will pivot to an online platform if necessary. A final decision on the mode of the conference will be sent out on July 31, 2022.

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You may send questions about the conference to D.A. Dunkley (, Associate Professor, Department of Black Studies, and Director, Peace Studies, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.

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