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October 4, 2021
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Communication, Cultural History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Labor History / Studies, Teaching and Learning


Association of Internet Researchers Satellite Event 2021
University of Hyderabad & IIIT Hyderabad call for Expressions of Interest

Option 1

We invite young scholars working from and/or on the Indian subcontinent to submit Expressions of Interest based on
work in progress or recentlycompleted projects related to the following themes: 1) socio-politics of digitaldesign, 2) platform work, 3) online teaching/learning, 4) home/office non-boundary, 5) leisure practices and 6) relational dynamics during the year of livingon and in the screen, in India — keeping in mind the time frame of the pandemic(March 2020 – present).
Selected proposals will be invited to be part of the Satellite Event of theAssociation of Internet Researchers Annual Conference (AoIR 2021), which willtake the form of a Round Table Discussion.
Early career researchers will have the opportunity to present their work, with senior scholars in the disciplineserving as discussants, while also engaging in discussion with other Internetresearchers.
Proposals must take the form of extended abstracts (1000 words max, allinclusive) clearly outlining the: 1) background, 2) research questions, and 3)key arguments, and, in the case of completed papers, a brief discussion of 4)methods and analysis.
Last date of submission: September 10, 2021
Decisions will be communicated by September 15

Option 2

We invite interested participants to submit short original videos (up to oneminute), memes, sound clips/audio notes (30 seconds or less) that capture oroffer a comment on work/leisure/relationship/life during the pandemic. These will be put together in a montage to be shared during the event.
Last date of submission: September 25, 2021

Key dates:
10th September 2021: Submission of extended abstract/proposal
25th September 2021: Submission of short original content
1st October 2021: Registration to attend


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Contact Info: 

Prof. Usha Raman (University of Hyderabad)

Prof. Nimmi Rangaswamy (IIIT Hyderabad)

Sai Amulya K (Organizing committee, University of Hyderabad)

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