International Diplomacy: Evolving Dynamics in the 21st Century (51st Annual Frank Church Symposium)

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Call for Papers
March 10, 2022 to March 11, 2022
Idaho, United States
Subject Fields: 
Diplomacy and International Relations, Economic History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Geography, Political Science

Frank Church Symposium 2022

International Diplomacy: Evolving Dynamics in the 21st Century

(To be hosted HYBRID - Virtual and In-person)


Call for Abstracts:

On March 10 and 11, 2022, the Idaho State University International Affairs Council (IAC) will be hosting the 51st Annual Frank Church Symposium on International Affairs. Named in honor of the late Senator Frank Church, the symposium has grown over the years, offering the university and the community opportunities to discuss global issues and expand their perspectives. We invite scholars, experts, government agencies, political leaders, practitioners with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives to address topics related to the theme: International Diplomacy: Evolving Dynamics in the 21st Century. We are particularly interested in participants who would present multifaceted approaches to power relations among international actors, climate change, African economic investment and growth, global peace, financial stability, distribution chains, and changing economies in an increasingly multilateral world. These topics will help us better understand how evolving dynamics affect the world by discussing the challenges and opportunities that cordial relations portend to the global community.


Potential Panel/Roundtable/Lecture Topics:

The IAC invites academics and other interest groups to submit a short bio, paper titles, and abstracts of about 150 words describing a potential presentation and discussion topic at the symposium. Multiple abstracts are encouraged for participation on different panels.


Panel 1: Climate Change

Topics include overpopulation, the global climate, renewable energy sources.


Panel 2: African Economic Investment and Growth

Topics include development and investment within Africa: sectors and countries experiencing growth, investment, investors, economic diplomacy and competitions between major powers and NGOs, debt relief, sustainable growth, and growing African representation in the WHO, WTO, and other international organizations.


Panel 3:  Global Peace

Topics include global security and hegemonies as international relations evolve, China’s increasing economic and political power and influence, emerging global power systems, cyber-attacks, and the Taliban debacle in Afghanistan.


Panel 4: Distribution Chains and Economic Stability

Topics include the causes and effects of outsourcing, economic recovery from COVID-19, and standardized purchasing power across the globe.


Selection of Participants:

This call for abstracts will close on October 17, 2021. The International Affairs Council will review all proposals and materials received, and participants will be officially notified by email by the IAC President, Eric Morris, in Mid November 2021 about the status of their abstracts.


Contact Information:

Please send all application materials and questions by email to the International Affairs Council at The Chair of the Department of Global Studies and Languages, Dr. Raphael Njoku, advises the International Affairs Council at Idaho State University. For any further information or questions, he can be reached by email at


General Information:

Panel Format:

In general, each presenter in a panel is allotted fifteen minutes for presentation, with four delegates per panel. After the delegates have presented, twenty minutes is allotted for audience questions. Presentations will occur in the order they appear in the program, which will be finalized by December 2022. Delegates are expected to attend the entire panel in which their presentation is given and are encouraged to attend all other discussions and lectures.


Roundtable Discussions:

For the roundtable discussions, each delegate will be allotted four to five minutes for their opening remarks. There will be three to four discussants per roundtable discussion. After the presentations, there will be time for discussion among the panelists and audience.  


Lectures and Keynote Presentation:

In addition to panels and roundtable discussions, the Frank Church Symposium also hosts two lectures and one keynote presentation. The International Affairs Council will invite and host two lectures each on Thursday and Friday. The keynote address will take place on Thursday evening.



Each participant will receive an honorarium of about $250- $500 based on available funding and will be made known to each delegate individually as the program is finalized in mid-December. The honorariums for the lectures and keynote will be communicated to the selected individuals.


Virtual, Travel and Hotel Accommodations:

Please note that due to public health regulations, we are accepting virtual and in-person participants. If public health recommendations deem on-campus gatherings unsafe, the symposium will be held on an entirely digital platform.


In addition to the honorarium, the International Affairs Council will provide some travel awards to qualifying participants - thanks to donations from the Associated Students of Idaho State University, collaborating departments, individuals, and businesses. We will provide travel awards to selected participants within the United States. Due to limited funding, we may not have enough funds to cover airfares for all participants, especially those from outside the country. We strongly encourage potential delegates to look for funding from within their institutions and other sponsors.

Contact Info: 

The International Affairs Committee (IAC) is a student-led organization at Idaho State University.

Contact the IAC at

Contact the IAC advisor, Raphael Njoku, at

Contact the IAC President, Eric Morris, at