Catherine Bond, “Law In First World War Australia: Lessons for Modern Emergencies.”

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September 10, 2021
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Australian and New Zealand History / Studies, Human Rights, Law and Legal History, Military History

The Historical, Cultural and Critical Inquiry Cluster at the University of Newcastle (Australia) is pleased to announce the next paper in our 2021 seminar series, the John Turner Memorial Lecture, on Friday 10 September 2021 from 10-11.30am Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10). A Zoom link is below. Our presenter is:

Law In First World War Australia: Lessons for Modern Emergencies 

Dr Catherine Bond 

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law & Justice, UNSW Sydney 


Emergencies, whether domestic or international, will often require a change in the behaviour of a community, as all aspects of public life are harnessed to address the current threat. Those changes will often be dictated by laws introduced by governments and passed by parliaments who believe that these laws are motivated by and have the best interests of the community at heart. But what if those laws discriminate against individual members, or groups, of the community? What if these laws restrict fundamental human rights, including freedom of speech and the press, freedom of movement and association, and personal property rights? When should those laws be resisted, protested or ignored? Through an examination of the laws that governed daily life in First World War Australia, drawing on the legal experiences of a range of individuals – Franz Wallach, Father Charles Jerger, Adela Pankhurst and Jennie Baines – this lecture provides insights into the past that can help inform how the community understands legal restrictions experienced during the current emergency – the COVID-19 pandemic – and how those laws may affect the future. 


The John Turner Memorial Lecture is held in memory of Dr John Turner, a former history lecturer at the University of Newcastle and WEA Hunter. Dr Turner, who died in July 1998, was one of the foremost historians in the Hunter Valley with a keen interest in local convict history.


This event is being held in conjunction with NSW History Week 2021:


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