Call for chapters - Historical criminology textbook

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Call for Papers
Pennsylvania, United States
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Government and Public Service, Law and Legal History, Political History / Studies, Social Sciences, Social History / Studies


We invite proposals for an edited volume exploring the history of crime and criminological concepts. Specifically, we are soliciting chapters on the histories of punishment, of policy, and of crime as social movements or as resistance to government control. Historians have been exploring the relationship between justice, politics, and oppression far longer than criminology has, and as such the purpose of this text is to bridge historical work with the criminological. To this end we encourage proposals for co-authored interdisciplinary chapters. 


Abstracts (approximately 250 words) and proposed chapter outlines should be sent to and no later than September 13th. Once the deadline passes, we will construct a full book proposal to show potential publishers, but will grant extensions on submission as necessary given the pandemic and the stress of returning to in-person teaching for many people. Please direct any questions to

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