[REMINDER] Shakespeare and his Contemporaries - abstract deadline October 31, 2015

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April 22, 2016
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Literature, Languages, Humanities, Graduate Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies
Shakespeare and his Contemporaries
The IASEMS Graduate Conference at The British Institute of Florence
Call for Papers
Prophecy and Conspiracy in Early Modern England
Florence 22nd April 2016
The 2016 IASEMS Graduate Conference at The British Institute of Florence is a one-day interdisciplinary forum open to PhD students and researchers who have obtained their doctorates within the past 5 years. This year’s conference will focus on the themes of prophecy and conspiracy in early modern texts.
A number of texts written in Tudor and Stuart England feature sibyls, prophets, holy men and women or magicians; on the other hand, conspiracy is often at the heart of early modern narratives and dramatic actions. Such themes are to be understood in their wider connotations: they can be investigated in the political, religious, social, or literary context, taking into account all literary genres. The relation with classical antiquity is of obvious interest, as is a comparative analysis with contemporary non-English texts.
Proposals can therefore address, from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, the impact and the implications of prophecy and conspiracy in any early modern English text.
Candidates are invited to send a description of their proposed contribution according to the following guidelines:
- the candidate should provide name, institution, contact info, title and a short abstract of the proposed contribution (300 words for a 20-minute paper), explaining the content and intended structure of the paper, and including a short bibliography
- abstracts are to be submitted by Saturday, 31 October 2015 by email to ilaria.natali@unifi.it
- all proposals will be blind-vetted. The list of selected papers will be available by the end of November 2015
- each finished contribution is to last no longer than 20 minutes and is to be presented in English: candidates whose first language is not English will need to have their proposals and final papers checked by a mother-tongue speaker
- participants will be asked to present a final draft of the paper two weeks before the Conference.
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