Anthropology of Capital

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Call for Papers
August 1, 2021 to September 1, 2021
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World History / Studies, Anthropology, Economic History / Studies, Indigenous Studies

The Journal Etnografías Contemporáneas (UNSAM, Argentina) invites submissions for the dossier entitled "Anthropology of Capital".

Investigating what "capital" could mean for the 21st century for diverse people and what different groups currently understand by that term it is surely a key for understanding what to expect for investment returns in the future.

We expect 8,000 words long papers that consider capital as an object of study of Anthropology, whether the concept has been found used on the field or critically applied for further analysis. Articles can be written in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese but translation and publication will be made into these two later languages.

Guest Dossier Editor: Andrés Dapuez.

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Revista Etnografías Contemporáneas and Andrés Dapuez

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