Undergraduate Research Competition

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January 4, 2016
North Carolina, United States
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Educational Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences, World History / Studies


Undergraduate Research conference

The Institute for Cross Cultural Studies and Academic Exchange is co-sponsoring with the Maynaguri College (India) a section of an International Undergraduate Research presentation during their international and interdisciplinary conference on January  8-10,2016. We are inviting undergraduate research proposal on the subject of our two days conference and also papers related to independent research done by students during their regular course work. Interested students should submit a 100-150 word email abstract of their project by September 15, 2015.  Abstracts should be Word files and should include author, academic major, institution, title of presentation.  We also welcome submission of panel sessions on related paper topics.

Presentation Format—Students selected for the conference will be notified by email in late September.  Presentations should be 15 minutes in length; there will be time for audience questions at the end of each conference session.   Presenters are responsible for expenses incurred in attending the conference. There are some scholarships available for room and board during the conference which will be held in Maynaguri(January 8-10,2016)


Best Paper Prizes

Students wishing to compete should send a complete copy of their papers no later than December 10, 2015 to be considered for the prize. 

Two finalists will be awarded-- Free trip inside India for 3 days (first week of January,2015)

 Undergraduate Research publication

Students who submit copies of their papers for the Best Paper Prizes will also have their papers reviewed for publication.  A group of faculty referees will select papers for publication.



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