Afro and Indigenous Futures: A Student-Led Project Series

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Call for Papers
August 17, 2021
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African American History / Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Black History / Studies, Indigenous Studies, Music and Music History

The New School's Black Student Union (BSU) and Liberal Studies Student Association (LSSA) is seeking artists, creatives, activists, intellectuals, and scholars to contribute to a virtual exhibition about visions of the future from Afro and Indigenous perspectives.

BSU x LSSA calls for creatives to tap into Afro and Indigenous visions and imaginations of the future to de/reconceptualize the meaning of freedom past the restrictions of colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism. To that end, we will focus on three categories: environment, art, and technology and their relationship with a future created by Afro and Indigenous peoples. Explanation of our of three categories are listed below:

  • Environment: How can we cultivate a radically different relationship with the environment in the face of impending disaster?
  • Art: How can art engender liberating ways of knowing, imagining, and ultimately producing the world?
  • Technology: If science and technology are part of modernity, and if modernity is historically colonial, how do we then think of decolonized relations with technology? 

Lastly, technical language and titles often render these discussions inaccessible to the very communities whose work they invoke. In light of this, we will prepare a zine that presents the ideas explored in the conference in accessible language. Interested? Please fill out this Google form with your details and a draft about the work you would like to present (finished work is also accepted) before August 17, 2021. You do not need to be a New School student to apply.

BSU x LSSA is a hub of student-led activity with a strong social media and visual culture presence, serving as a gathering spot, interdisciplinary incubator, public stage, and amplifier. Through forming a collective network of creative we intend to address the fact that modernity’s promotion of freedom and progress is historically perpetuated through the domination of subaltern peoples and nature. 

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