CFP SCENARIO 2016-1 and Issue 2015-1 now ONLINE

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Call for Papers
January 15, 2016
Indiana, United States
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Languages, Humanities

Teachers, scholars, theatre professionals, drama educators, and drama education researchers involved with the teaching and learning of second and foreign languages are invited to submit papers to SCENARIO, the peer-reviewed, bilingual online journal of drama and theatre in second and foreign language education.

Contributors will shape and intensify the debate around the role of drama and theatre in the teaching and learning of second and foreign languages, literatures, and cultures.  

The 2015/2 issue (already in preparation) will feature contributions from the conference Drama and Theatre in Second and Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Reutlingen, Germany (July 2015). The deadline for submissions for the 2016/1 issue is January 15, 2016. For more information please consult

We are now delighted to announce the 2015/1 issue of SCENARIO, with contributions from Austria, Chilé, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Korea, as well as two book reviews:

  • John Crutchfield: Creative Writing and Performance in EFL Teacher Training: A Preliminary Case Study
  • Bokja Cho: Improving Learners’ Oral Skills through Two Types of Role-play.
  • Martina Turecek: Die “Anderen” im Klassenzimmer: Othering im Kontext von DaZ in der Lehrer/innenbildung.
  • Phillip Botes: Sounds in the Foreign Language Lesson.
  • Daniel Berghoff: Es war 4 mal – Érase 4 veces: Ein Theaterprojekt im DaF-Unterricht der Deutschen Schule Valdivia.
  • Peadar Donohue & Carmel O’Sullivan: The Bullying Prevention Pack: Fostering Vocabulary and Knowledge on the Topic of Bullying and Prevention using Role-Play and Discussion to Reduce Primary School Bullying.
  • Hanne Seitz: Producing Knowledge in Self-Organized Artistic Settings through Performative Research and Artistic Intervention.
  • Kristin Westphal: Theatre as a Place of Self-Empowerment. The Example of Gob Squad: Before Your Very Eyes.
  • Manfred Schewe: Theatre and Obstinacy – a Friend’s Perspective.
  • Sabine Dengscherz (review):  Nils Bernstein und Charlotte Lerchner (eds.) (2014): Ästhetisches Lernen im DaF-/DaZ-Unterricht. Literatur – Theater – Bildende Kunst – Musik – Film. Göttingen: Universitätsverlag.
  • Stefanie Beckmann (review):  Jenny Passon (2014): Shakespeare in der Realschule inszenieren. Theatre Education zur Förderung von Kommunikativer und Performativer Fremdsprachenkompetenz.

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Manfred Schewe and Susanne Even



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