Venti Journal: Air, Experience, Aesthetics | Vol. 2, Iss. 2, Fall 2021 | "Senses"

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Call for Papers
August 16, 2021
Massachusetts, United States
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Humanities, Race / Ethnic Studies, Social Sciences, Urban Design and Planning

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Venti is an interdisciplinary online journal focused on the topic of air. We are currently seeking submissions for our fifth issue entitled "Senses."

Among those influenced by phenomenology, it is taken for granted that sensing precedes feeling, thinking, or knowing. We know the world through our senses. As the world changes, however, what can be sensed and what can be thought and known changes. This issue aims to expand readings of the body as a site of sensory appreciation to consider the air as a carrier of sensations. If sensing precedes knowing, then air, the body’s environment, must certainly precede sensing. Considering atmosphere as a milieu for sensation, how, then, does the air construct sensation and the senses as relational to each other, our social settings, and our own processes of feeling and reflection? 

Have changes in or to the air altered what can be sensed and therefore thought, known, or questioned? We know that technological innovations continue to change how we experience the world through our senses, from the advent of streetlights in European cities that transformed the meaning of nighttime to the way recording devices impact what counts as music. Could the COVID-19 pandemic — with its privatization of breath and digitization of daily life — have altered our sensations? How can atmospheric sensing shape past and present design thinking to offer more inclusive and sustainable modes of experience? Proposed projects and papers might deal with questions of disability, climate change, and inequality. Furthermore, as we continue to inch closer to something like the colonization of other planets, is it possible that sensing will change as we move away from the Earth to other airs and atmospheres? We welcome speculations on what is not yet known. 

As global inequality continues unabated, the words of Maurice Merleau-Ponty may remind us of the relevance of this subject to political life: “The problems of knowing what is the subject of the State, of war, etc., are exactly of the same type as the problem of knowing what is the subject of perception: one will not clear up the philosophy of history except by working out the problem of perception.” If perception acts as something of a bridge between sensing and knowing and is shared by all forms of life, both human and non-human, what are the roles of air in our perceived experiences, and how may we work out these problems of perception through atmospheric thinking? We also invite submissions that investigate the role of sensations to construct biases, prejudices, and stereotypes, as well as their historical conditions and impacts on our present. 

We welcome submissions dealing with air’s mediation of sensation, the individual senses, and synesthesia within the context of the humanities and social sciences, ranging from sociology to philosophy to literature to the history of art and performance studies, in addition to personal experiences, creative interpretations, and speculation on the futures of atmospheric sensing. 

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The deadline for essay abstracts is August 16, 2021. A first draft of the essays will be due at the beginning of September. We will also accept art and poetry submissions until September 6, 2021. For more information, check out our “For Contributors” page on our website.

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