CFP for Screen Engagements - online panel at AAANZ 2021

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Call for Papers
July 30, 2021
Subject Fields: 
Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Film and Film History

This session invites articulations on our contemporary postmedial relationship with screens. Proposing to look beyond the functionality of screens as mere display devices, the panel assembles multiple perspectives on the role of screens in interconnecting, rearticulating and reconfiguring relations. This panel aims to interrogate the agency of screens, their enactments and operations as part of different assemblages, connected to multiple media, occurring in varied contexts of media art and visual culture.

We are confronted by various kinds of screens in our daily life – touch screen mobile phone displays, ATMs, film projections, television and computer display. These numerous encounters with them offer varied experiences ranging from information to immersion. To account for this overwhelming presence of screens, the panel proposes various ways to attend to the relations enacted by screens in specific set-ups. The panel is interested in foregrounding the works of screens in configuring and assembling relations of image, viewer/participant, and producer/maker in media art works and visual culture.

Thinking of various ways that screens cultivate the dynamic potentiality of media, relations and practices, the panel invites proposals that examine the following:

-Multiple capacities of screens, their potentialities, and their activities and connections across different media, thereby commenting on the inter- and intra-medial operations of screens;

-Functionalities of screens where they transform the relationship of users with media;

-Various becomings of screens that address the dynamicity of postmedia;

-Modes of screens that complicate relations with images, frames and other components which highlight different medialities of screens.

The panel will take place online during the AAANZ (Art Association of Australia and New Zealand) , 8-10 December 2021.

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