3rd International (Virtual) Summer School of the UGM Department of History - Resilience and Control: Transmissible Disease and the Rise of Modern Society

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Summer Program
August 2, 2021 to August 22, 2021
Subject Fields: 
Southeast Asian History / Studies, Public Health, Health and Health Care, Humanities, Area Studies

The ongoing global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus is indiscriminately affecting everyone. No one is prepared to live under an outbreak that limits our social activities. However, the Covid-19 outbreak is only one out of many pandemics throughout the history of humanity. A number of researches in this field have been successfully done; notwithstanding, more initiatives must be stimulated. 

In doing so, the Department of History, Universitas Gadjah Mada, will organize the 3rd International Summer School in Transnational History, “Resilience and Control: Transmissible Disease and the Rise of Modern Society”. This year, the summer school will be held virtually between 2-22 August 2021.

Learning Outcome

  • Students critically understand the impact of a pandemic in various regions of Southeast Asia
  • Students produce scientific paper through collaborative work
  • Students manage to build transnational cooperation and networks with their fellow students but also with academics in Southeast Asia.


Time & Place

Date                : 2 – 20 August 2021

Format           : Zoom Meetings


  1. Prof. Dr. Andrew May (Melbourne University, Australia)
  2. Prof. Dr. Bambang Purwanto (Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia)
  3. Prof. Dr. Danny Wong Tze Ken (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
  4. Prof. Dr. James Warren (Murdoch University, Australia)
  5. Prof. Dr. Katharine Mc Gregor (Melbourne University, Australia)
  6. Prof. Dr. Martijn Eickhoff (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands)
  7. Prof. Dr. Wasana Wongsurawat (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
  8. Asst. Prof. Dr. Adisorn Muakpimai (Thammasat University, Thailand)
  9. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chiara Formichi (Cornell University, USA)
  10. Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali (University of California-Riverside, USA)
  11. Dr. Ariel C. Lopez (University of Philippines, Philippines)
  12. Dr. Gani Jaelani (Universitas Padjajaran, Indonesia)
  13. Dr. Ho Thanh Tam (Vietnam National University)
  14. Dr. Luthfi Adam (Northwestern University, USA)
  15. Nyarwi Ahmad, Ph.D. (Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia)
  16. Dr. Sadiah Boonstra (Melbourne University, Australia)
  17. Dr. Vivek Neelakantan (Consortium for History of Science, Technology, and Medicine)
  18. Mary Sheehan, M.A. (Melbourne University, Australia)
  19. Ravando, M.A. (Melbourne University, Australia)
  20. Sigit Suryo Nugroho, M.Sc (Pacmann Consulting)


The course is free charges but limited to 60 participants only and please read carefully important information below:

  • Applicants are BA/MA students of Humanity Studies and Social Sciences all over the world
  • The application should include a CV, a short personal statement that also indicates the student’s main fields of interest, a personal photo, scan of passport, and student card.
  • Communication during the course will be in English

If you’re interested please fill in the registration form at admission.ugm.ac.id/registration no later than July 25th, 2021.

Contact Info: 

Committee of the Summer School, Department of History, Universitas Gadjah Mada

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