CFP: Historia Agraria de América Latina (HAAL), Conflict in Rural Society DEADLINE EXTENDED

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Call for Papers
August 31, 2021
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Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Rural History / Studies, Social History / Studies




Conflict in Rural Society


Historia Agraria de América Latina, a publication of the Centro de Estudios de Historia Agraria de América Latina (CEHAL), announces a call for papers dealing with the theme “Conflict in Rural Society.” Articles will be received until 31 August 2021.


Rural society in Latin America has been shaped by struggles over land and natural resources; from the expansion of the hacienda system in the colonial era to recent disputes over oil, gas and mineral extraction. Such struggles take place across multiple scales that include village level politics and the claims of particular ethnic and social groups, as well as the realms of national, international and transnational politics. At stake are not only the material questions of property ownership and access to resources, but competing ideas about the role and status of the rural environment, and the cultural, political and spiritual significance of particular territories. As such, rural conflicts frequently intersect with broader confrontations over religion, race, national identity and ideology.


By bringing together research on rural conflicts in different regions and historical periods, this issue  seeks to generate comparative reflections on the nature of conflict in rural Latin America and how it has evolved over time. Recognising that “rural society” is not a fixed object of study, the editors are also interested in articles that examine the role of conflict in creating and maintaining divisions between the urban and the rural. Work that promotes dialogue on different theoretical and methodological perspectives is especially welcome.


We invite the submission of articles on political, social, cultural or environmental history that contribute to the study of conflict in rural society, focusing on any period or geographical area of Latin America. Possible thematic areas include but are not limited to:

  • Disputes over land titles and land rights
  • Guerrilla warfare and its wider social impact
  • Political struggles over land reform
  • Territorial conflicts between different national, religious or ethnic groups
  • Social conflicts related to the extractive industries
  • Confrontations between rural and urban institutions/organisations


Papers may be presented in Spanish, Portuguese or English. Manuscripts must be original, unpublished and fully anonymized, that is, free of any identifying information in both the text and notes. Articles should have a maximum length of 8.000 words including notes and references and must be presented in accordance with the journal style guidelines: Times New Roman 12, letter size, double-spaced, consecutive page numbers, and 2.5cm margins. 


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HAAL Editors

Claudio Robles, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile

Anna Cant, London School of Economics and Political Science, Great Britain

María Inés Moraes, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Vanderlei Vazelesk, Universidade Federal do Estado de Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

María Verónica Secreto, Universidad Federal Fluminense, Brazil
Diana Henao Holguín, Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile

Juan Luis Martirén, Instituto Ravignani, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Dr Claudio Robles, Universidad de Santiago, Chile

Dr Anna Cant, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

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