CFP “In the Classroom, in the Workshop, and in the Home: Learning and the Sharing of Knowledge in the Medieval World” (International Congress on Medieval Studies 2016)

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Call for Papers
September 15, 2015
Michigan, United States
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Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Islamic History / Studies, European History / Studies

Institutions of higher learning in the twenty-first century frequently face vocal challenges from students, parents, governments, and the general public as to their role in society and relevance in the modern world.  Subject matter, methods of instruction, cost, just to name a few, come under intense scrutiny.  Over the last few years, the Ohio Academy of History has included panels at its annual conference addressing some of these challenges and fostering discussions of pedagogical methods.  To complement these discussions, we will be sponsoring a panel at the 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 12-15, 2016) exploring education in the medieval world, in particular challenges faced by students, faculty, and institutions in Europe and the Islamic world c.500-1500.  Papers that focus on learning/education in the Middle Ages beyond the classroom, in both formal (apprenticeships and tutoring) and informal (passing on of practical knowledge and culture) ways also welcome.  Panelists need not be members of the OAH nor working in Ohio.

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