COVID 19 Pandemic and the Digital Transformation of Public Administration in Nigeria.(in Honour of Dr. Isoken Ogboro)

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Call for Papers
July 6, 2021 to January 31, 2022
Subject Fields: 
Digital Humanities, Government and Public Service, Human Rights, Law and Legal History, Public Policy


This is a call to scholars in the academia and other places to contribute well researched chapters to a book project. The book seeks to appraise how public admnistration has been digitaly affected during the covid-19 pandemic..To this end,  the envisaged chapters its expected, will reveal the various dimensions of the digital impact.The under-listed  sub-themes are by no means exhaustive and therefor, prospective contributors are encouraged to come up with their own sub-teams/chapter titles that though not listed here, but nevertheless, capture other issues related to the main theme  of the proposed book.

  • Theoretical and methodological issues of public administration
  • Theory and practice of modern digital public administration 
  •  Policies and strategies towards digitalization of public administration in Nigeria
  • Political economy of public administration in the era of a pandemic
  • The impact of covid19 pandemic on the admnistration of criminal justice in Nigeria
  • Digital transformation in the educational sector in the era of covid19 pandemic
  • Fake news, social media and the conditioning of public opinion and political discourse in a digital age.
  • The art and culture in the age of digital transformation
  • Gender implications of digitalizationof public services
  • The impact of covid19 pandemic on law making in Nigeria
  • Rule of law and human rights during the covid19 pandemic 
  • Economic impact of the covid19 pandemic on public admnistration in Nigeria
  • Measuring income inequality in the era of digital transfrmation



Contact Info: 

Sunday Ebalunegbe EDEKO,Phd and Professor of Srategic Studies and Public Admnistrative Law, Faculty of Law, Edo State University Uzairue, NIGERIA

Florence Masajuwa, PhD, Associate Professor and specialist in Public Admnistration and Law,  Department of Public & International Law, Faculty of Law, Edo State University Uzairue, Edo State.

Harriet Efanodor-Obeten, PhD,and Senior Lecturer,  Department of Political Science and Public Admnistration, Edo State University Uzairue, Edo State, NIGERIA.