Didactic Theatre and Zoom? - Invitation to an online performance workshop - Francesco Sani (De Montfort University)

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United Kingdom
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Philosophy, Theatre & Performance History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Literature, German History / Studies
What can Zoom offer to didactic performance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktyrrvVvcDg

I am conducting a PhD focusing on a practice of participatory theatre called Didactic Play or Lehrstück, which is employed for performance training and in the context of drama for education. My aim is to use this practice to discuss notions of political economy and economic behaviour.  


I am organising a short workshop that will explore the employment of this practice for digital performance. No expertise or previous preparation are needed to participate, and I hope that the relaxed experimentation with digital performance will be enjoyable!  


Do get in touch if you are interested. I am happy to answer any questions and provide a choice of session times. I also attach a workshop outline and a video presentation of the piece. 


I am going to run a few sessions of the workshop between late June and July. These are possible time slots (please, note that the UK time zone is employed). I hope that one of these may suit you:


WEDNESDAY 07/07:   17:00-18:30

THURSDAY 08/07:      15:00-16:30

SUNDAY 11/07:            19:00-20:30


Each session requires a limited number of participants, and you may be asked to change your preferred timeslot. I will however try my best to meet everyone's need. If none of these dates suit you, remember that I will run a few sessions in the second half of the month as well! So more dates will be available.


If you have any collegues, students, or personal contacts who may be interested in the project, please feel free to circulate this message.

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Francesco Sani is a PhD candidate in Theatre Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities, De Montfort University (Leicester, UK). He also works as playwright and stage director.



Recent Publications: 

Sani, Francesco. “A Stage for the Outsiders of Neoliberal Capitalism: Dublin’s Gate Theatre, European Austerity and #WakingTheFeminists,” R.I.S.E. (Review of Irish Studies in Europe), Vol 4 No. 1 (2021): Staging Europe at the Gate Theatre. https://doi.org/10.32803/rise.v4i1. 

Sani, Francesco. “Wait Till a Man is Out to Have his Fun: Exploring Brecht in the Anthropocene,” C.I.B.S. (Communications of the International Brecht Society), No. 2 (2020). https://e-cibs.org/issue-20202. 

Sani, Francesco. “Va in Scena il Crack Finanziario. La Crisi del 2008 nella Drammaturgia Inglese ed Italiana,” Linguae &, Vol 17 No.2 (2019). https://doi.org/10.7358/ling-2018-002-sani.

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