Now Available: First Principles Thinking Review (Volume 2, Issue 1)

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June 30, 2021
Subject Fields: 
Government and Public Service, Philosophy, Public Policy, Social Sciences, Research and Methodology


The Factory for Innovative Policy Solutions is proud to present you with the second volume of the First Principles Thinking Review. In the spring of 2020, we launched this publication with the aim of creating a space to host an international and interdisciplinary conversation about tackling societal challenges with first principles thinking. Over the past several months, a number of returning and first-time authors from different backgrounds and walks of life have contributed their thought-provoking ideas to the Review. In the following pages, you will learn about the role of first principles in the scientific method and how they shape the process from coming up with possible explanations, or hypotheses, to generating theories. Furthermore, you will see how first principles thinking can be applied to a wide array of challenges, from fighting homelessness to evaluating business opportunities. Finally, you will be granted an exclusive preview of state-of-the-art research being conducted on first principles thinking as an innovation process.