CFP- Calling all binary and nonbinary trans, two-spirited, and gender diverse folks for submissions for an edited book

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Call for Papers
June 29, 2021 to September 15, 2021
Ontario, Canada
Subject Fields: 
Health and Health Care, Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Transembling Family (working title) is looking for chapters on transgender, nonbinary, gender diverse familial and kin relationships with emerging and new technologies which allow for the creation, maintenance, and expansion of family. This collection may be part of the Palgrave Studies in Mediating Kinship, Representation, and Difference Book Series. 

How do we come to conceptualize trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse families? How do technologies impact how we come to define or create trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse families? What are the stories we want to read? What stories are missing from dominant narratives that we want told? How do we normalize family beyond stereotypes? How do we come to define family as trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse folks and where do we struggle or find joy? 

For this volume, we use the term “family” as a working truth with a wide range of meanings in an attempt to address the feelings of family belonging across all aspects of social location: ability, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, gender identity, body size, social class and beyond. We also define technologies more broadly as knowledge, skills, and implements that effect our everyday lives. 

This volume seeks to interrogate, inform, and challenge understandings of trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse familial understandings and creation through acknowledgement of the technologies of everyday life. Possible chapters include: 

  • Reconceptualizing family: What is family? Trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse family making within dominant binary systems 
  • Reproductive and/or Transition related health care 
  • Trans, nonbinary, gender diverse parenting, pregnancy, fostering and adoption 
  • Legal challenges and concerns 
  • Future-building and dreams 
  • Grief, Loss, & Love 
  • Trans, nonbinary, gender diverse familial representation 
  • Policy and governance 
  • Trans, nonbinary, gender diverse partnerships 
  • Embodiment 

Submission process and deadlines: 

Call for Abstracts: September 15, 2021 

Abstract submissions and selection period: October 15, 2021 

Manuscript due: January 15, 2022 

Anticipated publication date: 2023 

Please contact us if you require more flexible deadlines as a result of COVID-19. 

Submit Abstract (approximately 250 words) as well as a 50-word bio to by September 15, 2021 

*If you are interested in this collection but are unsure if your work fits, please reach out to us. 

Contact Info: 

Zachary Sera Grant, York University 

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