CFP: Special Issue on Race Relations in American History

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Call for Publications
June 24, 2021 to August 1, 2021
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American History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Historic Preservation, Race Studies
Special Issue "Why Race Matters: The Legacies and Presentation of Race Relations in American History"A special issue of Genealogy (ISSN 2313-5778)

Over the last year, the wider public has become increasingly interested in race relations in the United States. Much of this stems from the seemingly intractable problem of police shootings of unarmed African Americans. Still, as scholars have demonstrated over the last several decades, racism, white supremacy, and racial inequality have been endemic to American institutions, policies, and customs since the colonial period. African Americans and other racial and ethnic groups have systematically engaged with an inequitable system that white Americans explicitly and, at times, implicitly support and perpetuate. Gaps in understanding the intricacies and fluidity of race shape public perceptions of its impact across American history. While scholarship in the broad field of race relations in American history is robust, this volume will trace developments in the research, public understanding, and presentation of American race relations. Our goal is to examine the myriad ways that race continues to shape American life, policies, institutions, and customs. At the same time, this volume will also explore how racially minoritized groups have navigated, worked through, and pushed back against the white supremacist structures that shaped so much of American history.

We request that, prior to submitting a manuscript, interested authors initially submit a proposed title and an abstract of 400–600 words summarizing their intended contribution. Please send it to the guest editors ( and or to the Genealogy Editorial Office ( Abstracts will be reviewed by the guest editors for the purposes of ensuring proper fit within the scope of the Special Issue. Full manuscripts will undergo double-blind peer review.

The editors are interested in proposals from all historic time periods, and the chronological focus is broad. Some potential areas of focus may include the following, although other submissions are welcome and encouraged:

  • Explorations into the effects of race relations on interpersonal relationships, such as marriage, friendship, employer/employee;
  • Research into race relations and identity;
  • Examinations of the connections between politics and race relations;
  • The connections between the criminal justice system and race relations;
  • Investigations into immigrations, assimilation, and race relations;
  • Studies tracing the impact of race relations on foreign policy;
  • The presentation of the history of race relations to public audiences.

Tentative completion schedule: 

  • Abstract submission deadline: July 31, 2021
  • Notification of abstract acceptance: August 15, 2021
  • Full manuscript deadline: December 31, 2021
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