The Search for an >Objective<, Authoritative Reference Work

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Classical Studies, Intellectual History, Philosophy, Political Science, World History / Studies

Is there an encyclopedia, now online, that is of the caliber of the great encyclopedias (in english or french) in the print-only era?

I seek opinions on the best online general-reference tool available. When H-net scholars seek information outside their own disiciplines, to what source do they turn? Or, when they have contributed to an entry for a reference work in their fields, which editors' efforts so impressed that it reflected well on the project itself?

I have found that Wikipedia no longer meets my standard for objectivity or thoroughness - or professionalism. Its self-appointed editors remain obscured behind an electronic shield, so that a contributor can't correspond with them - often, doesn't know who they are.

Where do people turn, when in need of basic information, for reliable facts and sound reasoning? I'm prepared to pay a subscription fee.

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