North Meridian Review Special Issue, Volume III Issue II: The Forgotten Trials: A Guided Translation of the Frankfurter Auschwitz Recordings

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Call for Papers
June 10, 2021 to January 30, 2022
Indiana, United States
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Cultural History / Studies, European History / Studies, German History / Studies, Law and Legal History, Linguistics

Each year, The North Meridian Review publishes a special, guest edited issue of the journal. For our third year, the theme is “The Forgotten Trials: A guided Translation of the Frankfurter Auschwitz Recordings,” and will be edited by Valentina Concu. Dr. Concu is an Assistant Professor of German and Linguistics in the Department of Foreign Languages at the Universidad del Norte, Colombia.

NMR’s special issue for 2022 will focus on the Frankfurter Auschwitz Trials, which started in December 1963 and continued for more than 180 days. Although these trials are less widely known than the hearings that took place in Nuremberg in 1940, the atrocities these trials brought to light were incredibly important to help further understand the human rights violations of the Nazi-led genocides. From the gassing of thousands of women, men, and children, through the endless torture of prisoners, to numerous other crimes, these trials provided some of the first detailed accounts of the crimes carried out behind the gates of Auschwitz.

This collection of The North Meridian Review will contain both an original translation of many of the court documents, the first time many of these records have been offered in English, along with scholarship that explores the historical significance and cultural representation of these trials had for the field of Holocaust studies. We seek articles and essays that focuses on this topic from a humanistic, historical, and scientific perspective. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The political significance of the Frankfurter Trials for the history of Germany.
  • Literary works inspired and influence by the Frankfurter Auschwitz Trials.
  • The role of the recordings and testimonies in the field of the Holocaust Studies.
  • How these trials reshaped German modern history and its role in modern global society.

Submission Deadline:  November 1, 2021.

Author Acceptance Notifications:  January 1, 2022.

Publication: Winter 2022.

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Dr. Valentina Concu,;

Dr. Wesley R. Bishop,

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