Architectural Theory Review 26:1 - Terms and Conditions: Financialized Space

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Call for Papers
October 15, 2021
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Architecture and Architectural History, Economic History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Urban History / Studies, World History / Studies

Terms and Conditions: Financialized Space


A special issue of Architectural Theory Review (vol. 26, no. 1), edited by Maren Koehler (University of Sydney) and Jasper Ludewig (University of Newcastle).


This issue of Architectural Theory Review investigates the relation between finance capital and architecture. In particular, we seek contributions that explore previously overlooked situations in which the terms and conditions of finance have had spatial and architectural effects. In short: How do financial systems and practices become legible by attending to architecture as a form of evidence? And what more can be said about architecture by figuring finance into its conceptualization and/or realization?


ATR invites previously unpublished, research-based papers that address the issue's three main objectives. Firstly, to examine the multifarious circumstances in which architecture intersects with finance capital, historically or in the present day. Secondly, to balance the existing scholarship in this area by drawing on examples from a more diverse geography and broader timeframe. And finally, to prioritize analyses that foreground the role of specific financial practices and instruments on architectural outcomes. As both a medium and a product of the terms and conditions of finance, how can architecture reveal the spatial logic of finance capital?


The full call and submission requirements are available via the journal's website.

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