Tracing Social Change: “Family Planning” since the 19th Century

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Eastern Europe History / Studies, Public Health, Russian or Soviet History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies


July 12, virtually


10:00 am WELCOME AND INTRODUCTORY REMARKS Heidi Hein-Kircher (Marburg)

10:15–10:45 am Chair: Heidi Hein-Kircher

Gábor Koloh (Szeged): Socioeconomic and Cultural Determinants of Family Planning in Southern Transdanubia (Hungary), 19th Century

Filip Emanuel Schuffert (Gießen): Gieschewald – a New Village for Miners and their Families

10:45–11:00 am Break

11:00–11:45 am Chair: Elisa-Maria Hiemer (Marburg)

Dominika Kleinova (Pardubice): She-Wolves and Children of the Night: Birth Control and Family Planning from the Perspective of Prostitutes in the Interwar Czechoslovakia

Sylwia Kuzma-Markowska (Warsaw): Conflicts and Interdependencies: Family Planning Narratives and Activisms in Interwar Poland

Lemontzoglou Tryfonas (Athens): “Revisiting the “Illegitimacy” Phenomenon: Evidence from the 20th Century Greek Censuses”

11:45–12:30 pm Lunch Break

12:30–1:30 pm Chair: Halyna Roshchyna (Hamburg)

Eva Škorvanková (Bratislava): Family Planning in Slovakia 1939–1945 and its Ideological Infl uences

Katerina Piro (Mannheim): The Secret Baby Project: a Case Study from Lithuania and Italy on Knowledge, Self-determination and Generations

Anja Titze (Mannheim): Changing Systems, Changing Norms–Reproductive Rights in Ireland and Poland after 1945 

Jakub Gałęziowski (Warsaw): Approaches to Survivors of Conflict Related Sexual Violence in Post-War Poland. Discourses in Polish Press: Political, Religious and Medical, 1945–1946

1.30–1.45 pm Break

1.45–2.30 pm Chair: Isabel Heinemann (Münster)

Agata Ignaciuk (Granada): Countertechnologies of Care. Vacuum Aspiration in State Socialist Poland

Ivana Dobrivojević Tomić (Belgrade): Family Planning in Socialist Yugoslavia

Ieva Balčiūnė (Vilnius): Motherhood and Family Planning Issues in the Soviet Lithuanian Magazine for Women “Tarybinė Moteris”

2.30–2.45 pm Break

2.45–3.30 pm Chair: Denisa Nešťáková (Marburg)

Fanni Svégel (Budapest): From “Abortion Culture” to Family Planning. The Continuities and Discontinuities of Birth Control Regimes in 20th Century Hungary

Nadezhda Beliakova (Moscow) / Nataliya Shok (Nizhny Novgorod): Late Soviet Plurality of “Family Planning” Concept: Actors and Individual Choices

Michael Zok (Warsaw): “Love is a Battlefield”. Sexuality, Reproductive Rights, and Partnership as Areas of Conflict in Post-War Poland

3.30–4.00 pm FINAL DISCUSSION Elisa-Maria Hiemer / Denisa Nešťáková (Marburg)

Concluding Remarks and Outlook on the Final Conference in January 2022
Moderation: Heidi Hein-Kircher (Marburg)

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