International Interdisciplinary Conference: "Literature and Philosophy. Research Methods, Figures, and Forms of Thought" (September 4 - 5, online)

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Call for Papers
September 4, 2021 to September 5, 2021
Subject Fields: 
Literature, Philosophy


Research Centre for Contextual Studies and Literary Translation Studies at the

Institute of Polish Literature,  Faculty of Polish Studies of the University of Warsaw

in cooperation with

The Department of Philosophy at the

Faculty of Humanities of Charles University in Prague  

invite your participation 

in the international scholarly conference 

Literature and Philosophy. Research Methods, Figures, and Forms of Thought ” 

to be held

on September 4-5, 2021

via the Zoom platform

The aim of the planned conference "Literature and Philosophy. Research Methods, Figures, and Forms of Thought” is to elaborate a (methodological and categorical) research framework for historically-oriented contextual studies on the relations between literature and philosophy.

We invite you to submit proposals for presentations, in which:

- possible nexuses between literature and philosophy as well as historical changes in their relations (in a typological framework) will be presented;

- trans-disciplinary categories common to literature and philosophy will be identified and defined (and their scope of application delimited);

- an attempt will be made to answer the question of how to study multifaceted literary texts of a philosophical nature;

- indicators of philosophical content in literary texts and methods of identifying these indicators, which can be verified in the course of empirical research, will be the subject of attention;

- forms of philosophical expression (in particular in terms of genre and / or style) will be discussed in a historical and synthesizing manner, in which the reflection of specific thinkers manifested across epochs, and the consequences of the choice of a particular type of genre expression for the shape of their philosophical reflection will be examined;

- the problems of translating multifaceted texts (in terms of literary genre and / or style), in which reflection of a epistemic nature is embodied, will be indicated;

- attention will be focused on the question, discussed via specific examples, of the relation of the selection of a multifaceted literary form in which philosophizing is carried out with the critique of philosophical system-building;

a topic of theoretical and interdisciplinary discussion will be figures of thought and their exemplary uses (in a typological framework) treated as attempts to represent the epistemic activity of the human mind;

- possible formal interfaces of literature and philosophy with other discourses will be discussed (in a typological framework);

- projects of synchronic and diachronic studies on contextual relations (filiations, homologies and analogies) of literature and philosophy in continental and transcontinental frameworks will be outlined;

and related issues.

The result of the conference will be a methodological and theoretical extension of the field of reflection on language and mind from a literary and philosophical perspective. In its millennia-long development, fictional literature has elaborated a separate language (referred to as artistic language), from which representatives of other fields of human cultural activity, especially philosophers, have abundantly drawn for centuries. Reflection on culture without taking into account the interface of literature and philosophy, which constitutes a component of the culture that is difficult to ignore, seems incomplete because it overlooks one of its essential manifestations. The planned discussions carried out during the conference at the junction of the two fields of literature and philosophy, oriented towards developing innovative research tools useful for both disciplines via their inter- and trans-disciplinary character, correspond to the idea of expanding and transgressing the boundaries of the humanities.

Conference language: English

We plan to publish the conference papers in a post-conference monograph or journal.

Those interested in participating in the conference, please send your proposals together with an abstract (of 600 words) [in English] by June 30, 2021 to the e-mail address 



Dr hab. Żaneta Nalewajk-Turecka (University of Warsaw)

Dr Marcin Czardybon (University of Warsaw)

PhD. Jakub Marek (Charles University in Prague)

Thomas Starky, MPhil (University of Warsaw)