National Syndromes: nationalism, health and Covid-19

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July 1, 2021
United Kingdom
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Public Health, Public Policy, Race Studies, Political Science, Law and Legal History
The symposium will consider the interface of nationalism and health in the situation of Covid-19.
Speakers: Alexandre White (Johns Hopkins), Amy Hinterberger (KCL), Des Fitzgerald (Exeter), John Narayan (KCL), Lara Choksey (Exeter), Robbie Shilliam (Johns Hopkins), and Ros Williams (Sheffield)
This one-day symposium explores intersections of health and biomedicine, racism and racialisation, and renewed imperial and colonial legacies in the conjoined context of COVID-19, Brexit and related international disasters. The symposium will draw together a range of different interventions in this critical space, to seek shared ground, develop new perspectives, and forge interdisciplinary research agendas. Referring to the paper “Brexit as Heredity Redux: Imperialism, biomedicine, and the NHS in Britain” (2020) by Fitzgerald, Hinterberger, Narayan and Williams, the symposium will consider topics such as nationalism and health in the situation of Covid-19, biomedical ethics and empire, and the racialisation of urban environments as sites of contamination.
There will be two 75 minute panels with talks from speakers followed by Q&A, with a 15-minute break between panels.
The talks will be live captioned.
This event is co-sponsored by the International Institute for Cultural Enquiry at the University of Exeter and Exeter Decolonising Network.
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