Routledge Practicing Oral History Book Series

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Call for Publications
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Human Rights, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Indigenous Studies, Local History, Oral History

The Routledge book series, Practicing Oral History, is accepting proposals for new titles relating to oral history applied in any discipline or setting. New approaches to the discipline are especially welcome. Books should address one of these approaches to oral history: best practices for a specific stage or skill within the oral history life cycle, oral history adapted to a specific professional community, or using oral history to achieve a specific goal.

Scholars, practitioners, and first time authors at any stage in the early writing process are encouraged. Contact series editor Nancy MacKay at to receive a prospectus and begin a conversation about your book idea.

Recent Practicing Oral History titles:

Creating Verbatim Theatre from Oral Histories, Clare Summerskill, 2020

Practicing Oral History Among Refugees and Host Communities, Marella Hoffman, 2019

Transcribing Oral History, Teresa Bergen, 2019

Practicing Oral History to Connect University to Community, Fawn-Amber Montoya and Beverly Allen, 2018


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