Special Issue of The Space Between: Searching for the Modern Girl: Flappers and Bright Young Things Around the World

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Call for Publications
December 31, 2021
United States
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Women's & Gender History / Studies, Sexuality Studies, Race / Ethnic Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies

The Space Between:  Literature and Culture 1914–1945 seeks proposals for a 2022 special issue on the modern girl.  While the Bright Young Things of England and the flappers of America remain fixed in cultural memory, their incarnations elsewhere around the world have all but disappeared from history. This special issue encourages scholars to explore tensions and questions surrounding the modern girl, her histories, and her representations, in ways that draw on rich material approaches from a variety of global, transnational, and interdisciplinary perspectives.  Full submissions are due on December 31, 2021; the special issue editors, Victoria Kuttainen (Victoria.Kuttainen@jcu.edu.au) and Jilly Lippmann (JillyLip@gmail.com), encourage queries in advance and will respond with advice and comment.  More information can be found at The Space Between website, where interested scholars can find an extended description of the special issue on the modern girl.   

The Space Between:  Literature and Culture 1914–1945 is devoted to interdisciplinary scholarship on the period bracketed by the two World Wars. We are interested in approaches to texts of all kinds, including literary works, the visual arts, film, music, etc.  Research on lesser-known writers and artists and understudied topics of the period, including literary and cultural responses to the First and Second World Wars, are particularly welcome.  Issues are published on our open-access digital platform annually, in the winter of the volume year.  Queries unrelated to the special issue CFP may be addressed to Jennifer Nesbitt, Editor, jpn12@psu.edu.

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Guest Editor Contact:  Victoria Kuttainen, Associate Professor of English and Writing, College of Arts, Society and Education, James Cook University