"Spinoza after Marx" virtual conference

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May 27, 2021
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Early Modern History and Period Studies, Intellectual History, Jewish History / Studies, Philosophy, Political Science

Spinoza after Marx


Online event, May 27-29 (11:30-2:30 EDT) 

This conference will explore the encounter between the thought of Spinoza and Marx, posing the question of how to conceive the two bodies of thought as a joint project. Produced in tandem with new political formations and demands, the interpretations of Spinoza that emerged in the second half of the twentieth century sought a break with traditional western metaphysics, rethinking the very terms on which philosophical and political debates took place. This revival proved especially fruitful among Marxist theoreticians—yet their modes of reading Spinoza, and of combining his thought with Marx’s, have been heterogeneous and often conflictual. We seek to trace the traditions and faultlines this encounter has given rise to, internationally and across the disciplines. What about Spinoza’s thought lends itself to revival of Marxism? Is Marx’s thought necessary for reevaluation of Spinoza? What is the Marx-Spinoza encounter today?


REGISTER: https://bit.ly/3xGQO8T 


May 27 (11:30-2:30 EDT): Panels and Discussion


Panel A:
Mariana Gainza (University of Buenos Aires): "The perseverance of contradiction, between Spinoza and Marx"
Gil Morejón (DePaul University): "Deus, sive Materia? Notes on a Metaphysical Problem in Spinozist Marxism"

Panel B:
Vittorio Morfino (University of Milan-Bicocca): “The Transindividual between Marx and Spinoza”
Alejo Stark (University of Michigan): “Tendency not teleology: Spinoza on Marx’s science of history”


May 28 (11:30-2:30 EDT): Roundtable

Discussion on pre-circulated propositions on the conditions of Marx-Spinoza encounter

Discussants: Siarhei Biareishyk (University of Pennsylvania), Bernardo Bianchi (University of São Paulo / CMB), Cesare Casarino (University of Minnesota), Katja Diefenbach (European University Viadrina), Sandra Leonie Field (Yale-NUS), Eleanor Kaufman (UCLA), Jacques Lezra (UCR), Tracie Matysik (University of Texas at Austin), Warren Montag (Occidental College)


May 29 (11:30-2:30 EDT): Keynotes

A. Kiarina Kordela (Macalester College): "Thoughts After Spinoza After Marx"

Jason Read (University of Southern Maine): “Preemptive Strikes (of a philosophical variety): Marx and Spinoza”


Organized by and in discussion with: Siarhei Biareishyk, Robin Manley (University of Pennsylvania), Megan Murray (University of Pennsylvania), Sam Samore (University of Pennsylvania), Tyler Re (University of Pennsylvania), Alejo Stark


Hosted by the Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures, in cooperation with the Jewish Studies Program, and the Program in Comparative Literature & Theory, at the University of Pennsylvania.

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