Literary and Cultural Interconnections between Serbian and Anglophone Literature - Deadline Extension

Sergej Macura Announcement
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The Department of Serbian Literature with South Slavic Literatures and the English Department at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia, are pleased to announce their first international conference on literary and cultural interconnections between Serbian and Anglophone literature. The conference wishes to look at the creative encounter of different literary traditions, artistic sensibilities, styles, aesthetics and ideas formed across the temporal and spatial divide. We seek to explore the imaginary and geopolitical borders and spaces between and within the Serbian and Anglophone worlds, as reflected in the works of fiction, poetry, drama, biography, non-fiction and film.

We invite proposals for papers addressing diverse issues within the very broad theme of the conference – literary and cultural interconnections between Serbian and Anglophone literature – in the following fields:

    Literature Studies
    Culture Studies
    Literary and Cultural Theory and Criticism
    Translation Studies

The participants are more than welcome to supplement the list with their topic proposals as well. Possible topics may include but are in no way limited to:

    Serbian-English literary and cultural ties;

    Translations and reception of Serbian literature in the Anglophone world and vice versa;
    Studies of Serbian-English literary relations so far;
    Scholars of Serbian-English literary ties and influences;
    Transferring theoretical and literary-historical knowledge;
    Perspectives on the future comparative interpretations of literatures in Serbian and English;
    Serbian writers and Anglophone cultures;
    Anglophone writers and Serbian culture;
    Serbian writers as diplomats in English-speaking countries and the roles of English-speaking diplomats in Serbian culture;
    Serbian writers as translators and editors of works written in English;
    Writers in English and Serbian literature;
    Works of Serbian authors written in English;
    Writers outside their language community: authors who abandoned English or Serbian and wrote in other languages;
    Images of Anglophone cultural spaces in Serbian literature;
    Imagological perspective on Serbian literature in Anglophone literature;
    Thematizing the exile, migrations and the diaspora in literary works in Serbian and English;
    Generic interfaces between literatures in Serbian and English;
    Intertextual studies of literatures in Serbian and English;
    Teaching and presenting Serbian literature in the context of Anglophone cultures and literatures and vice versa;
    History and the changing relations: poetics and politics;
    Global perspectives and world literature: challenges and opportunities;
    Reframing Shakespeare: interpretation, translation, adaptation;
    Marginality and centrality: negotiating the Anglo-Serbian canon;
    Literary mediations across disciplines;
    Literary models and the intellectual influence;
    Imaginary homelands (after Salman Rushdie);
    Place and non-place (as defined by Marc Augé) in migrant/refugee writing;
    Chafing against unfamiliar limits as a condition of ethical sensitivity;
    Meaning-making in times of chaos (after Clifford Geertz);
    Representations of authenticity



Professor Emeritus Dušan Ivanić

Professor John Cox

Professor Zoran Paunović, Associate Fellow of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Professor Aleksandar Jerkov


The official languages of the conference are English and Serbian. Each paper will be allotted 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). A selection of papers will be published after the conference in the conference proceedings.



Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words (excluding references) and should be sent via e-mail as MS Word attachments (.doc or .docx) to:

Abstracts should be fully anonymous (title of the paper + abstract + references).


The following information should be specified in the body of the e-mail:

(1) Title of the paper

(2) Name of the author(s)

(3) Affiliation of the author(s)

(4) Keywords

(5) E-mail address(es)



Submission of abstracts for full paper presentations: June 15, 2021

Notification of acceptance: July 1, 2021


The uncertain pandemic situation makes it impossible to predict the level of restrictions which will be in place in October 2021. We would therefore like to opt for a hybrid format of the conference based on the current developments. The conference participants will be able to present their papers in person or through the Zoom platform.



Two types of fees are envisioned: a regular fee for on-site delegates – EUR 50 (PhD students pay EUR 40), and a reduced fee for all the delegates presenting remotely – EUR 40. We would be extremely grateful if delegates who already know that they will be able to deliver their papers online only indicated so in their paper proposals.




We are looking forward to your participation.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,


Dr Boško Suvajdžić, Professor of Serbian Literature, Head of the Department of Serbian Literature with South Slavic Literatures

Dr Sergej Macura, Assistant Professor of American Literature, Deputy Head of the English Department
Contact Info:

Dr Sergej Macura, English Department, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade

Studentski trg 3

11 000 Belgrade, Serbia
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Contact Information

Dr Sergej Macura, Assistant Professor of American Literature

English Department, Faculty of Philology Belgrade

Studentski trg 3, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia

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