Composition Pedagogy: Is Love all You Need? (Roundtable)

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Call for Papers
March 17, 2016 to March 20, 2016
Connecticut, United States
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Social Sciences

Much has been written and said, in recent years, about the role of love and passion in instruction/ enquiry more generally, incl. in writing/ composition studies. Choosing a topic or project one is “passionate” about is believed to foster a better outcome all around; passion/ love is also believed to be the driving force behind bold, successful career and academic trajectories.

This raises the question of the downside of such passion/ love – not only, as some have already pointed out, that it may not last or be enough, but others. For ex., is love, in this context, blind or blinding, causing us not to see the flaws in our own or others’ projects, ideas, and larger constructs? Can it also, as in relationships, make us tolerate abusive treatment or other unethical behaviour?

Papers addressing this question, and its relevance to all constituencies, whether students, faculty, or administrators, are sought, as are those proposing solutions or successful compromises – for ex., methods of identifying and pursuing passions whilst also doing quality work, meeting the needs of readers and others, as well as, of course, sustaining passion, even channeling same toward more constructive or lasting/ stable purposes. Presenters may focus on, for ex., successful and less successful student projects; instructional strategies; and larger implications, whether personal, pedagogical, professional, even social/ ethical.

Abstracts are due by 30 Sept. at the above URL; contact me with any questions.

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Maria Plochocki

English/ Writing/ Humanities

Pace University/ University of Maryland University College/ CUNY

I am convening the above session for the NeMLA Convention, taking place 17 - 20 Mar., 2016, Hartford, CT.

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