Dissent In Transatlantic Perspective: Then, Now and in the Future?

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May 12, 2022 to May 13, 2022
Czech Republic
Subject Fields: 
American History / Studies, Area Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations, Human Rights, Political Science

Keynote speakers:

Ralph Young, Temple University, author of “Dissent. History of an American Idea”

Erica Violet Lee, Plains Cree writer and Indigenous community activist

Main goal of the symposium is to explore the concept of dissent from different disciplinary perspectives in order to assess its various meanings, uses and continued relevance in the current transatlantic context. The wave of populist and/or authoritarian regimes actively hostile to the very concept of dissent, or hijacking the concept, saying they are the only true dissenters to the status quo  should serve as an important frame of reference. At the same time, liberal regimes are tackling resurgent internal dissent both from reactionary conservative groups as well as from progressive ones like Black Lives Matter.

The symposium shall address questions such as: How should we understand dissent in the 21st century? Is dissent the quintessential American idea? When is dissent valuable, and when does it become a threat? Who are the 21st century dissenters? What are the common traits between progressive and regressive dissent? When do dissenters become the moral heroes, and when do they become the villains? What is the nature of the “status quo” that various dissenters oppose? How do the U.S. and Europe support dissidents abroad?

The symposium seeks to bring together scholars and thinkers to explore these questions, as they are rooted in different area contexts, yet share the same underlying premises. Special emphasis will be placed on transatlantic as well as transnational linkages, as these provide a unique perspective on the problem.

Selected papers will be published in an indexed special issue journal.

Please send your abstracts and a short bio by September 10th, 2021, to american.studies@fsv.cuni.cz. You will be notified about formal acceptance no later than October 10th, 2021.

The conference fee is 129 EUR (includes conference materials, admission to associated roundtables, admission to related cultural events, coffee breaks and refreshments, welcome reception). 

Contact Info: 

Main symposium email: american.studies@fsv.cuni.cz

Chief organizers:

Adam Kratschmer, Filip Šourek, filip.sourek@fsv.cuni.cz.

You can also contact directly Krystof Kozak, Deputy Head of the Department of North American Studies

kozak@fsv.cuni.cz, +420 608 477 485


Venue: Prague Creative Center, Staroměstské náměstí 4, Praha 1, 110 00, Czech Republic