ICLA Group Session: #17342 Digital Fluency, Research, and Pedagogy

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August 30, 2015
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Languages, Literature

The 21st World congress of the International Comparative Literature Association will be held in Vienna, Austria, July 21-27.    Proposals are now being accepted for individual papers to be given as part of this group session:


17342 - Digital Fluency, Research, and Pedagogy

Organizer(s): Marchant, Anne (Shenandoah University, Winchester, USA)

Just as Akkadian, Aramaic, Latin, Arabic, Swahili, and other languages have served as lingua francas in the past, today the digital language of the internet has become the common parlance. Further, technology now allows us to study the humanities in ways not previously possible. Research into language and literature can be enhanced and amplified with such tools as mapping, visualization, quantitative analysis, and by relating other cultural artifacts.

We propose a group presentation in which panelists will work collaboratively to describe a framework in which students will research, document, curate, and publish their ideas. Coursework will be constructed around original interdisciplinary research projects that will be supported by technology. Projects will study artistic expression in the context of society from multiple perspectives. Students will publish their work electronically as electronic books, blogs, sites, or “apps” as appropriate to the class. The goal is to promote the development of the skills necessary for discovery, analysis, and synthesis so that students are able to present their ideas in a world that demands proficiency in digital research and communication for a global audience. It is our hope that the roles between researcher and student will blur as they work together to study literature and other aspects of culture. Indeed, technology creates possibilities for inter-institutional and interdisciplinary study in ways not before imaginable.

Outcomes will include plans for modes of teaching, ideas for projects, and the identification of supporting technologies. Further, this group will reflect on the place of technology in the evolution of human expression as well as for its study.


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Authors will be notified of acceptance by December 31, 2015.  Papers must be in English, German, or French.


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Dr. Anne Marchant, Director

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology,

Shenandoah University, Virginia, USA

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