Virtual Workshop Invitation: What Does South-to-South Mean for Cold War Science and Technology in Asia

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May 10, 2021
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Asian History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Middle East History / Studies, Southeast Asian History / Studies


Dear colleagues,


I am delighted to invite you to our upcoming virtual workshop titled: "What Does South-to-South Mean for Cold War Science and Technology in Asia," organized by Hiromi Mizuno, Lisa Onaga, Roberto Lalli, and Jaehwan Hyun.


The workshop will take place online on Monday, 10 May 2021, at 16:00 CEST (15:00 BST, 7:00 PDT, 9:00 CDT, 10:00 EDT, 22:00 CST, 23:00 KST/JST).



"What Does South-to-South Mean for Cold War Science and Technology in Asia"  



This workshop examines the role and significance of science and technology at the intersections of post-colonial, post-empire, and Cold-War dynamics in Asia, with a focus on the transformative period of the 1950s–1970s. Specialists on Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam will collaboratively highlight Asia-to-Asia and South-to-South connections to productively challenge the conventional Cold War science narrative of US-centered technology transfer. The workshop will be organized specifically to engage in active discussions among the panelists and with the audience (i.e., those working on the Cold War history of science/technology/medicine at MPIWG and beyond). Panelists will make short presentations based on current projects, which will be followed by an open discussion at the end.

Last year, a small roundtable discussion was planned in honor of Aaron S. Moore but was cancelled due to the pandemic. We are proposing this workshop in its place; Aaron would have been excited to be part of this collaboration.



(1) to explore new directions of "Cold War science and technology" from the Asia-to-Asia/South-to-South perspectives; (2) to explore new narratives to reexamine developmentalism, environment, and geopolitics; and (3) to create a working network among specialists on various Asian countries and to discuss further collaboration such as a journal special issue.



Welcome (Lisa Onaga)

Panel I: Asia-to-Asia (Moderator: Roberto Lalli)

  • John DiMoia (Seoul National University, Korea): Civic Actions by the Pigeon Unit, 1964–1973
  • Simon Toner (University of Sheffield, UK): Mobilizing Private Capital in Wartime: South Vietnam’s Rural Banks, 1969–1975
  • Eric Dinmore (Hampden-Sydney College, USA): Petroleum Commodity Chains in Cold War Asia, 1955–1975
  • Jaehwan Hyun (Pusan National University, Korea): Cold War Environmentalism in a South Korean Context, 1962–1976

Panel II: Asia-to-South (Moderator: Lisa Onaga)

  • James Lin (University of Washington, USA): Taiwanese Agricultural Development in Africa, 1959–1975
  • Elise Burton (University of Toronto, Canada): Iran as Ethnic Homeland or Racial Crossroads: Indian and Japanese Approaches to Iranian Genetics
  • Hiromi Mizuno (University of Minnesota, USA): The Green Revolution without the US? Issues and Prospects

Discussion: New Directions, New Narratives (Moderator: Jaehwan Hyun)



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