Metamorphosis: Transformations across Time, Culture & Identity

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June 1, 2021 to June 2, 2021
United Kingdom
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African American History / Studies, African History / Studies, Humanities, Women's & Gender History / Studies, World History / Studies

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Metamorphosis refers to a dramatic change in the form, structure or character of an entity, distinctly characterised as a process whereby the old is subsumed, absorbed or self-devoured to provide the substance to forge the new—but how is this concept experienced in contemporary culture?

How does metamorphosis materialise in research practice, academia, social justice, or identity? What social, political or cultural forces engender metamorphosis, and how have these transformations been received? Is metamorphosis creative or destructive? Tangible or intangible? Abrupt or fluid?

Postgraduate researchers based in the arts and humanities will present an exciting selection of diverse and multifaceted interpretations of the concept of metamorphosis.

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DAY 1: 1 JUNE 2021

✨ Welcome & Keynote 1
Welcome from Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor Bryony Randall

Keynote by Professor Rachel Lung—‘Metamorphosis of a Diplomatic Interpreting Event in Ancient China’
Panel 1A: Metaphoric Language and Expression

Chair: Liudmila Tomanek
Djamila Houamdi—‘Identity Metamorphosis in Young-Adult Dystopian Fiction’

Ashleigh Black—‘Amaranth for Immortality: The Language of Flowers in Victorian Photography- Images from the University of Aberdeen’s George Washington Wilson Collection’

Andrew Ash—‘Metaphor and Metamorphosis’
Panel 1B: Literature at Home and Beyond

Chair: Liudmila Tomanek
Danielle Fatzinger—‘“I hate a good man with a bad wife”: 250+ Years of Scottish Gaelic Poems on Hated Things’

Fiona Paterson—‘The Scottish Literary Renaissance and Linguistic Evolution’
Panel 1C: Artistic Spaces and Origins

Chair: Azalea Ahmad Kushairi
Eve Brandon—‘Crystals, Cock Rings, and the Bones of Saints: Transformation in the Lives of Affective Objects’

Beth Price—‘There Is No Self, There Is Only Perception: The Transitional Power of Pan Yuliang’s Self Portraits’

Maddalena Carfora—‘Transformation of narrative devices in contemporary storytelling’

Meriel Dhanowa—‘Empowerment through Transformation in Japanese Magical Girl Anime’
Panel 1D: Therapy and Healing under Uncertainty

Chair: Thajilah Asia Ali Olaiya
Peter Tuka—‘The need of a new personal culture in the difficult time of uncertainty and worry. Transformation of Július Koller into U.F.O.-naut J.K.’

Erin Power—‘“That play changed the whole jail”: Examining the prison theatre space as a site of transformation’

Niamh Gordon—‘“Something from Something”: Erasure Poetry, Writing Trauma, and Creative Practice as Research’

DAY 2: 2 JUNE 2021

✨ Keynote 2
Keynote by Dr Peggy Brunache—‘Of Comfort and Contestation: Black Women Subverting the Caribbean Plantation Economy’
Panel 2A: Responding to Dominant Frameworks

Chair: Ross Cameron
Esther Draycott—‘Steel Hammers: Making and Unmaking the Gendered Subject in Women’s Memoir, Glasgow, C.1974-2020’

Shona Noble—‘The Digital Otherworld’

Brad Bigelow—‘The Eclipse of G. E. Trevelyan’

Anna Molnar—‘Cultural Policy in a Changing Regime. Characteristics of the Hungarian cultural policy during the post-communist transition’
Panel 2B: Comparative Analysis and Post-humanism in Kafka

Chair: Ross Cameron
Salena Parker—‘I Only Fear Danger Where I Want to Fear It’

Anna Dijkstra—‘A Posthuman Understanding of Alienation in Kafka’s The Metamorphosis’
Panel 2C: Historical Roles of Women in Latin America

Chair: Thajilah Asia Ali Olaiya
Viola Nassi—‘Between Betrayal and Redemption: The Metamorphosis of La Malinche through Chicana Literature’

Amândio Reis—‘“The angel was a demon!”: The Metamorphic Women of Machado de Assis’
Panel 2D—Evaluating Ecocritical Conversations

Chair: Azalea Ahmad Kushairi
Ana Victoria Mazza—‘Eco-Cultural Metamorphosis: Altered Natures and Subdued Peoples in Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God and Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s a Grain of Wheat’

Rebecca Jones—‘“For after the battle comes Quiet”: Evolution and Degeneracy in H.G. Wells’ the Time Machine’

Martina Saric—‘Thomas Hardy and the Philosophy of the Senses’
4.20-4.30PMClosing Session
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