CFP: Representations of Fear in the German-Speaking World

Michael Pickering Announcement
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German History / Studies, Psychology

     We are putting together an edited collection for publication that explores some of the continuities and deviations in the social and cultural history of the German-speaking world from the early modern period to today.

     In this first call we are seeking submissions examining representations of fear in the German-speaking world. Submissions may deal with any form of fear, from the cultural and religious – witches, demons, illness, or criminality – through to the political, such as the fear of communism. These are merely a few examples, and our hope is that submissions will address fear in the German-speaking world from a vast array of new and interesting perspectives.

     We are seeking submissions of the highest calibre. Those interested should submit a 1000-word treatment of the chapter they intend to write. If the editors accept the treatment, the author will be asked to complete the chapter for submission. Each full submission will be peer reviewed individually.

1000-word treatments are due by Friday 18 September 2015.


Michael Pickering, Subject Leader and Lecturer

Trinity College, University of Melbourne


Thomas J. Kehoe

Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne

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Michael Pickering,

Trinity College, University of Melbourne


Thomas J. Kehoe

Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne

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